Toxicity in The Digital Age – Finding the Solution

We must identify the problem to find the solutions. Toxicity in the digital age is the greatest health challenge of this generation. All great transformations in human history have had amazing benefits and unforeseen challenges. Toxicity in the digital age is our challenge. Physical toxins are easy to identify and understand. For the first time in history, we have an abundance of calorie-dense, nutrition poor food. Obesity and its complications have become the number-one killer in Mexico, overtaking heart disease and cancer. This is a threshold crossed that no one would have ever predicted.

Toxic foods, air, water and environments are not the only problem we face. There is an epidemic of mental and emotional toxins as well. The rates of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression and even suicide are skyrocketing. What is most disturbing about this trend is that for the first time in history it is affecting the younger generations more than the older ones. Humanity Upgrade is committed to reversing this trend by combating digital-age toxicity on every level.

Our Solutions – The Digital Detox Kit; Science-Based and Effective

Health, energy and vitality are almost always the first steps to eliminating digital-age toxicity and reclaiming your life. Feeling better physically always leads to feeling better mentally and emotionally. That’s why we developed the Digital Detox Kit. This five-day program is inspired by 40 years of nutrition research and Nobel Prize-winning science. This is a whole-food, plant-based program that will transition you from the standard “American diet” (any diet) in an easy and satisfying way. We make the initial transition simple and effective. We employ strategies that stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms, and our Digi Detox Pills are an additional secret weapon.

Digi Pills is a NASA-inspired formulation that directly combats on of the most ominous and overlooked modern toxins – electromagnetic frequencies. Scientists around the word are ringing the alarm bell based on an overwhelming amount of disturbing data. This is even more concerning with the unfettered proliferation of 5-G networks. There is an abundance of irrefutable data from the world’s most qualified scientists that this is a public health risk of epic proportions. Digi Pills is the only nutritional supplement specifically designed to combat this threat.

30-Day Reset – Millions of Successful Experiences

After the Digital Detox Kit phase is complete, it is time to transform your health and vitality permanently. The 30-Day Reset is based on a program that has helped millions of people achieve their ideal weight and the health they deserve permanently. This program is centered around proven techniques and a powerful technological platform that will keep you on track through your program. You will have the expertise and support you need to manage your wellness and vitality journey permanently.

Revitalize Custom Cellular Nutrition – Based on the Digital Detox Life Expansion Wellness Report

Humanity Upgrade offers an amazing set of wellness technologies available at your fingertips. The Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Report uses proprietary technology to identify over 800 factors to show your digital toxicities, functional wellness and nutritional needs. With this information, we can create customized nutrition that was once only available to the ultra-rich, the famous and world-class athletes. Revitalize Custom Cellular Nutrition is another innovation available through Humanity Upgrade that will transform your wellness and vitality.


Transform Your Life Predictably and Permanently

Life transforming wellness technologies are essential to long-term predictable results. The multi billion-dollar weight loss industry is missing the most important piece of the puzzle – a reliable way to win the mental game. The success rate of the most common weight loss programs is less than 3%. Unfortunately, most people actually gain weight on a diet. One fad diet after another leads to poor health and a loss of faith in the process. This must stop TODAY! You need a predictable path to transform your relationship with food. Doing so leads to multiple rewards in every aspect of your life.

Mindfulness Made Easy – The Recreation Handbook

Life is a series of moments strung together. There is a way to predictably and quantifiably add more fun, energy and vitality to every moment. The Recreation Handbook is a simple set of lessons that will transform your life. We use the term recreation because recreation is fun, and the root of the word means to recreate yourself. With little to no extra time you can dramatically enhance every moment of your life while tracking your progress. No long, frustrating hours of unproven meditation, just more enjoyment and effectiveness in every moment.

The Creative Process – End Conflict by Creating the Life You Desire

Instead of creating a life, most people expend all their energy managing conflict. This is especially true regarding our relationship with food. For many it is their relationship of last resort. We can withdraw from family, friends and society, but we are permanently locked into an intimate relationship with food. Food has the ability to do many things for us that was not in the original design. It immediately fills emotional voids like boredom, anxiety and loneliness. It is our most reliable companion offering variety and enjoyment. Food is often a method of family bonding and cohesion. These unhealthy patterns create conflict not health. You must permanantely turn this relationship into a creative, healthy one. The best, perhaps the only, way to do this predictably is through understanding the creative process. See the common conflict patterns associated with eating.

Expansion Mindset

As we accelerate through the 21st Century at warp speed, few of us can keep up with this rapid change. This new world requires a whole new level of thinking just to stay current. Expansion Mindset is our most advanced technology for the new “Age of Transformation.” There are four key aspects:

  1. Transformational Intelligence – this is the evolution of IQ and EQ.
  2. Consciousness Processing – these are the most effective tools for managing the misinformation ecology and the information explosion.
  3. Uncertainty – learn to live in the wisdom of uncertainty. Things are changing so fast; uncertainty is the new normal.
  4. International Transformation Technology – change can no longer be a slow, linear process. You must become comfortable with the concept of transformation just to keep up.

Humanity Upgrade

Our flagship thought-leadership publication is Humanity Upgrade Magazine. This brings together thought leaders from around the world to help you thrive in the “Age of Transformation.” In this rapidly changing world, you need a multimedia resource you can count on. Humanity Upgrade Publications are where personal development meets science and technology. Our mission is to bring the people together who will ask the important questions and offer the transformative solutions that will move our world forward in a healthy and sustainable way for everyone. There is not greater goal than this!