I wrote a blog some time ago about “Losing 5kg,” and guess what? It didn’t happen! Why? Because I didn’t realise that my body and mind had been taken over by something I couldn’t control…menopause! When I reached 50, I celebrated and had a huge party. I looked hot and everyone told me at my party how HOT I was! They all loved it and I was looking forward to my 50’s – a time where I felt empowered and ready to take on the fabulous 50’s!

Well, what a journey. Four years later, I have put on 9 kilos – despite exercising 5-6 times a week (3x 10kms runs, 3x gym work, 2x balance classes, plus the occasional 8km walk). To me, this is an active exercise routine and for many years it kept me at a fit healthy 60kgs – with an occasional fluctuation of 1-2kg. So where did this 9kgs come from? It took four years and the journey of discovery about menopause to finally understand where this extra weight came from.

After many failed attempts to lose this 9kg, feelings of confusion, self doubt, and low energy, I think I might have found an answer get me back to where I want my body to be! So what is the answer? It is the #Ultimate Fat Loss and Body Resculpting Programme by Dr Sherrill Sellman. I have only been on the programme for 9 days and lost 3kg! I feel fantastic and energised and I don’t get hungry! The first five days were hard…REALLY HARD. And YES, I had to give up my wine – no alcohol or my daily flat white coffee for 23 days. I believe I can do this and I am going to keep you all updated on how I am doing.

If you want to know more about Dr Sherrill Sellmen go to her website here.

The other reason I am committed to doing this is because I paid for it! I purchased the programme in mid-November; however, it took me until January 20th to COMMIT. I kind of knew, but didn’t want to admit, that by doing this programme I was going to have to be disciplined to lose weight and I would also have to change the lifestyle and eating habits that I have followed for over 30 years. That’s the real reason why it took me nearly two months to commit.

I am slowly (really slowly) learning to live with and accept my menopause journey of change. It is not all doom and gloom, thank God. The journey of change does deliver some fantastic experiences and learnings that can only enhance our lives for the better. Often, it is not about reaching your destination but celebrating and enjoying the journey itself.

So, I am also going to be writing a lot more about ME and menopause – so many things have happened to me as I undertake this journey. I have suffered because of my limited understanding about menopause and its impact on me, not only physically, but also mentally. Watch this space because if my experience can help ONE other FEMALE on the menopause Journey, then I am happy. So much comes from sharing our feelings, experiences and thoughts – we need to do more sharing, I reckon.

She has had an incredibly varied life, working as a teacher, deputy principal, project manager, OD consultant and business coach. She has faced and survived many challenges in her life - professionally and personally. She has been made redundant three times in 18 months - that’s just a tiny part of her professional life!