Drinking Fresh Peppermint Tea

By drinking peppermint tea every morning, I noticed positive changes right away. Here is my story:

As a change from the traditional beach vacation, last summer I went to Los Angeles for my second cousin’s wedding. I stayed with my aunt whom I love and adore. I was excited at the thought of spending much needed time with her, and she made it unforgettable for me. We started each day with fresh peppermint tea, which she brewed from peppermint that she harvested from her own garden. I noticed changes in my body right away. Despite knowing the benefits of peppermint tea, it wasn’t part of my diet at that time. However, after experiencing the positive changes, I was convinced that peppermint tea was going to be my morning tea; I was going to adopt my aunt’s tradition.


Make Green Tea Part of Your Life and Lose Weight Effortlessly- Part Two

Green tea can be an amazing addition to your life. Not only can it help you lose weight effortlessly, but it can also add many health benefits.

Best Green Tea Tip #2: Start Your “Tea Life”

It’s simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Select the best green tea.
  2. Have the best routine to drink it.

We’ll talk about how to select the right type of green tea in details later. For now, I’ll give you four ideas on how to make drinking tea as an easy, natural part of your life.


Nutrition For a Healthy Gut- Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

A healthy digestive system is at the root of all health. That’s logical because your digestive tract is the basic source of the nourishment every cell in your body needs. Your gut is a very delicate ecosystem with more flora (healthy bacteria) in it than all the other cells in the body put together.  When this ecosystem is healthy, your digestive tract has the proper balance of stomach acids and bacteria. This allows your body to breakdown food for nourishment and cell repair.


Living a Healthy Life: The Secrets to Losing Weight

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan provides secrets to losing weight and live a healthy life.

Your Body is a miraculous system of chemical reactions that are going on twenty-four/seven. If you don’t believe me, look into Gray’s Anatomy book or Physiology 101. It is mind-blowing.

Your body will continue to keep you alive until it cannot anymore. It will give you all sorts of warnings, blow whistles (for real), knock you down (you know what I mean), and refuse to stay up for another minute (remember that time?).


Eating as if All Life Matters

I know, I know. He’s my husband, but… Bill’s new book is incredible. He has really put the “macro” into a fresh approach to nutrition. Eating As If All Life Matters is the result of his fifty-odd years of study, experience, and insight. He has managed to combine all the issues that affect what we eat. He talks about the influence of medicine, politics, and nutritional mythologies, as well as how our diet affects the environment, social justice, and the mind and body connection. Most importantly, for me, is how he connects the dots in a way that is ethically consistent and points to a better future for all life on the planet.


Health’s Deeper Meaning

Mother Earth is a common representation of our planet that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature, the source of every life and health. This analogy offers insights into health’s deeper meaning.

As women, we are the nurturers of human life. Many of us wheel the shopping cart around the supermarket, cook and feed the family, take care of the home, and at the same time, run a business. We are multi-taskers and the epitome of devotion when it comes to caring for our family’s health and wellbeing.


Fasting an Introduction

Fasting has become a popular trend in dieting and health. You have probably heard a friend or two say: “I am doing intermittent fasting.” This article will discuss why this term needs to be abandoned. I will also offer a more accurate description of all the common fasting protocols.

Fasting is consistent with our evolutionary history. The thrifty gene hypothesis describes how we experienced brief moments of abundant food punctuated by long moments of scarcity. Our bodies adapted to this environmental stimulus and used it to enhance health – growth during abundance with recycling, regeneration, and renewal during scarcity. This cycling back and forth is considered by many experts to be an ideal way to maintain health.


Walking for Health and Happiness

Walking for most people is the most underrated form of exercise. But each one must make one’s own health decisions. As Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, a Professor of Clinical Medicine, said, “You have the right and obligation to self, to participate in decisions that affect your health.” For me, walking has contributed immensely towards making my life healthier and happier. Regular walking for health became a part of my routine only after retirement. All through my professional career as a doctor, there was neither the time nor inclination to take long walks. Free time was meant for catching up with sleep or doing essential chores that had been neglected.

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