Food That Harms, Food That Heals

Our country is stretched to the limit due to the cost of health care. Even with a new healthcare bill, there is ongoing conflict over what we should do to provide people with affordable health care. But the reason that the problem seems irresolvable, and it is a very complex one because of food – food that harms, food that heals.


Eating Sensibly with Joy and Not Fear: Food and Anxiety-Part One

A nap would give you a boost, but that seems impossible. A call from the lover who dumped you last year would give you a boost, but that seems impossible. A brownie is possible. Hunger was a huge threat for most of human history. Our brain is good at looking for food because that relieves the threat. When you are anxious, you may find yourself looking for food. Then you may get anxious about what you eat. This thought loop can ensnare you. One minute you’re longing for something to nibble on, and the next minute you’re fearing the consequences. The information that follows helps you escape that loop of food, fear, and anxiety.


The Surprising Benefits of Exercise: Heart and Brain Health

Exercise does much more than just burn calories. The calories burned during exercise, unless you’re a professional athlete, make up a very small portion of our total calories burned for the day; what we eat has a much greater influence on our body weight. So why should we bother to exercise? The answer is that burning calories is just one of the many benefits of exercise – there are surprising benefits of exercise for heart and brain health.


Going Vegan – The Way to Health and Longevity -The Vegan Life

We all have difficulties in our lives. Sometimes our problems may seem small in comparison to others but ultimately, they are a large part of what defines us. Our personal story has great potential value to us if we can learn and grow from it. Sometimes it can be of value to others as well. I hope that my story can be of value to you. In my latest book, Go Vegan, I am telling my story as a way of explaining why the issue of health has always been important to me and why I moved to a whole food plant-based diet and vegan life.


Eat Consciously for Permanent Health

Your most intimate, personal and permanent relationship is with food. That is why it is crucial that we learn to eat consciously for lasting health. Food is your constant companion from the day you are born until the day you die. Therefore, it is important that this relationship is a healthy one. For most of the population, it is a relationship filled with conflict. More than 74.1% of Americans are overweight or obese.  In every other relationship when you experience conflict, you can disengage. You can withdraw from people, society, work, and church, but you are intimately and permanently locked into a relationship with food.


Cancer Prevention with a Healthy Diet

Research Shows That a Healthy Diet Will Slow or Stop Most Cancers

I am not a Doctor and have no desire to be one.  My work is based on educating and specifically teaching prevention in our many workshops and programs.

However, I am currently seeing seven clients for health counselling.  They have terminal cancer from prostate, ovarian, brain, and breast.  All of them asked their doctor or oncologist about diet, and each and every one of these clients received the same answer:


CBD May Improve Your Social Connection

The great irony is that as we become increasingly connected—on social media, video calling, and messaging—we have never felt so disconnected from each other. My new book, Outsmart Your Smartphone: Conscious Tech Habits for Finding Happiness, Balance, and Connection IRL, reveals all sorts of ways we can improve our feelings of social connection while we’re online. Now I’m exploring how we reconnect to the things that really matter…and that research is what led me to discover CBD.


How You Can Love Your Body AND Change It Simultaneously

Today’s episode focuses on a topic that our listeners have been requesting… body image (a “fun” one I know)!

The VAST majority of people are walking around uncomfortable in their own skin.

Most people that we encounter every single day have a negative view of their bodies, so if that’s you, you’re FAR from alone.

Stephanie and I can relate on both a personal level, and through the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with who struggle with their body image and self-esteem.

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