Getting Motivated to Lose Half a Pound a Day- Part One: A Health Coach’s Hack

Last summer, I ran a 20-day experimental program where 513 Western women were given one simple, fun, and powerful Asian slimming tip to try each day. People who followed through the program lost a stunning amount of weight naturally. However, the most interesting part of it was one surprising fact we’ve found about motivation when it comes to weight loss. To show you that, I need to tell you about this Teassert Technique I included as a part of the program. The technique was aimed at muting sugar cravings instantly. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you’d know it’s one of the toughest challenges among millions of overweight and obese people in the US. In this two-part article, I will teach you a four-part system to get motivated to lose weight (while continually losing weight) without trying.


For Superior Heart Health, Slow Aging, and Cognitive Function: Exercise

Want to achieve superior health and slow the aging process? We know the Nutritarian diet is the foundational principle, but there are additional actions you need to take to push the envelope on longevity and enjoying your years ahead. First: Eat a diet of whole plant foods, which is rich in phytochemicals and essential nutrients. Second: Practice moderate calorie restriction. Third: Exercise.


I’m Not Losing Weight, Only Losing Inches

Standing on the scale can give you one of the most nerve-racking moments – “What if I’m not losing weight?” “What if I can’t lose weight?” It’s the moment when you get the sentence: Have you made it, or not? Making it is also about losing inches.

Just a few weeks ago, I received a long email from a reader, Beth. She has been religiously following a diet that she thinks is healthy. She’s also doing some light exercises regularly. She has lost 3 inches on her waistline. But on her scale, it says she has lost 0.5 pounds – after 3 weeks of effort.


How to Let Go of the Scale Without Letting Yourself Go

Scale Obsession

According to Harvard Health, for most dieters, preventing the pounds from coming back after working so hard to lose them, is the biggest challenge. On average, people regain two-thirds of the weight that they’ve lost within two years. One way people try to prevent gaining (or regaining) weight is through daily weigh-ins. On one hand, this idea makes logical sense. When the number on the scale starts to increase, you know it’s time to tighten up the diet and/or hit the gym more.


Whole Body Vibration Training: Power Plate

It’s no secret that including a fitness program in your life is vital for your health. Scientific studies continually reveal physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, help coordination and balance (especially important in older people), may help weight loss (or maintain optimal weight), and improves your overall wellbeing. This article will explore the potential benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT).


Four Pounds off a Week… by Not Trying

My client Alaina is feeling ecstatic lately. The first week she joined my program, she immediately lost four pounds in a way she called “not trying.” No exercising. No calorie counting. No banning carbs. No fasting. No restrictions. And not one iota of stress.

Hear Alaina sharing her amazing experience by clicking here, or if it isn’t convenient at this moment, here’s the abridged version of what she said:


Get Pumped Safely With Plant Protein

Isolated protein, especially soy plant protein powder, is popularly blended into shakes and smoothies, but is this a healthful way to build muscle?

The Problem With Protein Powders

Protein intake, especially animal protein, is known to be the major dietary determinant of circulating IGF-1 levels. When we consume animal protein, the body increases its production of a hormone called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). IGF-1 is one of the body’s important growth promoters during childhood, but later in life IGF-1 promotes the aging process.


Weight Gain During Menopause and How I Have Dealt With It

I wrote a blog some time ago about “Losing 5kg,” and guess what? It didn’t happen! Why? Because I didn’t realise that my body and mind had been taken over by something I couldn’t control…menopause! When I reached 50, I celebrated and had a huge party. I looked hot and everyone told me at my party how HOT I was! They all loved it and I was looking forward to my 50’s – a time where I felt empowered and ready to take on the fabulous 50’s!

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