Keeping the Weight off Permanently with Diet Changes

Marlene Watson-Tara, the author of Go Vegan and co-founder of the Human Ecology Project,  educates on the importance of knowing your carbohydrates and why some diet changes will enable people to keep weight off permanently.

Over the past ten years, we have seen many developments in why we are gaining weight. There are ‘silver bullet’ nutritional supplements and new diets constantly hitting the market, but there has been little improvement for the long-term. Many nations continue to pile on the pounds, including our own; recent NHS research has highlighted that one in three in the UK are obese.


Plant-Empowered Living

The time has come to share my journey from disordered eating to plant-empowered living. You are about to read Part 1 (an introduction) to the multi-part “coming out” series I am going to be sharing with you over the next few weeks. I will be sharing parts of my journey that I’ve never shared openly before. I’m thrilled that I am in a place in life where I’m able and willing to get real and raw, which means being transparent about the struggles that have made me who I am today.


How to Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Incorporating a healthy and balanced diet into your lifestyle is absolutely essential for your overall health and wellbeing. What we put into our bodies is our fuel, and we need to ensure that our bodies are getting everything they need to function properly. But in a world where junk food is increasingly prevalent and more convenient, it can often be difficult to stay on the straight and narrow and always choose healthy options. But with the right information and a little determination, a healthy diet can easily be achieved.