Steven Cangiano

After ballooning up to 254 pounds in my thirties I lost 91 pounds and was able to keep it off with diet and exercise into my 50’s. Following four major hip operations exercise was no longer an option. I put more than half the weight back on. This was a discouraging downward spiral. My other hip started to hurt, and I got some disturbing lab results on a routine medical check-up, I had to do something. That is when I found the 30-Day Reset. It is the best permanent weight loss program on the planet. I tried many programs. Weight loss is never easy, but the 30-Day Reset was the easiest, quickest and healthiest program I have ever done.


Tona Maglio

EASY! I am 82 years old and a grandmother who did many weight loss programs over my lifetime, this was by far the easiest. I did it with my grandson, we both gained a lot of weight during lock down. In 30 days, I lost 18 pounds! I feel healthy, energized, and never once felt deprived. The big surprise is my knees. For the first time in five years I can walk up and down steps without holding on and with no pain.  I am amazed at the benefits for both of us (he lost 31 pounds). Follow the program exactly and you will see amazing results. We plan to keep eating clean and healthy!



Christopher Cangiano

The 30-Day Reset has transformed my life. I was in a slump, putting on a lot of weight during quarantine. In the beginning of the program I struggled with cravings but stuck to the plan and I am glad I did. The resources and support I needed to get me over the hump were, literally, at my fingertips. The cravings are gone and all I want to do now is eat clean. I lost 31 pounds in the first 30 days and have decided to take my health to the next level. The best part of this program is how efficient and clear cut it is. I was able to incorporate it into my lifestyle. After adjusting to the program (1-2 weeks) it dramatically increases your energy and focus. I have the confidence I can control my weight in a natural, healthy, and permanent way – THANKS HUFit!



Iris Gonzalez

I joined the 30-Day Reset Weight loss Program and lost over 40 pounds. I felt like a new person after completing Phase One, the 5-day cellular detox kickstarted my weight loss. I lost 7 lbs. in my first week and transitioned off processed high calorie food to eating healthy. The hair analysis is a must and my custom nutrition is the only supplement I take now. Lots of value, worth the investment and time. The lifestyle app included educational videos for behavior modification, informative eBooks, and recipes. Coaches were always available and super helpful. Thank You HUFit for helping me through this journey.


Xavier Fernandez

So excited, I made the decision to try the detox & continued with the HUFit 30-Day Reset. I dropped 11 lbs. & 6% body fat in 5-days. It was the push I needed to get back to the gym & put me back in the right mindset. I highly recommend the program. It helped kickstart my  health & wellness journey & get in the best shape of your life, mentally & physically.


Darinka Marcela

It’s always easier to overeat, neglect your diet & your health. I recommend the 30-day reset program, it will transform your life. I feel amazing! It’s really easy & the  wellness portal & app is extremely helpful with daily reminders & informative videos to motivate you along the way. I lost a total of 12 lbs. in my first two weeks. Love the results definitely worth the investment.