Have you ever thought of how precise the balance of nutrients in your blood should be to sustain life? Just a little imbalance starts the process of disease, and continued imbalance prolongs it and makes disease chronic.

On the other hand, when we maintain healthy levels of micronutrients in our daily food and supplement intake, we can correct imbalances and feel fantastic.

The Challenge

The challenge comes with not enough information about nutrients.

  • How much is enough?
  • How much is too much?
  • What exactly is important for me?
  • Where do I get it from?

We all are very similar while at the same time very unique. The genetic predisposition combined with the lifestyle creates a unique situation for everybody. Though we all need to eat every day, we all need a slightly different combination of nutrients.

After food gets inside of us and gets absorbed into our bodies, it has to start working for our benefit. The blood transports important nutrients to the cells where all life functions are being created every single moment of the day. And there is a way to find out if that process is happening properly or not.

The Solution

Micronutrient testing and interpretation brings fast results and gives you the power to correct issues naturally by yourself. Often times, health issues develop for years without presenting as symptoms. Nutritional deficiencies play a key role in that process.

We love this test out of all other tests we do because it puts the power into your hands. It is different from any other blood tests available in the healthcare industry, as it is measuring the functional level of nutrients inside your white blood cells.

We measure vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrate metabolism, immune function, and total anti-aging levels.

Nutrients inside the white blood cell are components for all the biochemical functions of the body due to the work being done inside the cell.

The regular (Labcorp or Quest) serum blood test is done on the “whole blood” which is an approximation and does not reflect the real levels. These are the nutrients in transit, they may or may not get inside the cell for many reasons, some of them being nutritional deficiencies.

Precise Nutrition

After results are ready, Doctor Maya interprets them and explains how these deficiencies affect your health. She creates a lifestyle, food, and supplementation plan based on these precise results. Then you have all the information. Can’t be better than that!

Our ambitions and passion expose us to everyday stress. And it is wonderful to achieve new heights in our personal and business life, however, we have to take care of ourselves, even more so than in the past. Precision medicine helps us to detect and correct possible health complications in time so that we can live a happy and successful life.

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan is an expert in creating comprehensive approach correcting physical and psychological health conditions and incorporating components of emotional healing. She specializing in the most effective mind and body healing modalities such as acupuncture, NLP, NET, functional medicine, nutritional and cellular detoxification, cosmetic non-invasive procedures, food sensitivities testing, nutritional planning, and many others.