Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, getting out of a funk can seem futile. No attempt is ever wrong, but there might be a better way, and this is to change your energetic vibration. We are all made up of energy. It’s not just those of us in the mindful community using trendy terms like awakeaware, and vibration. You are energy. Therefore you are vibrating.

Albert Einstein said:

Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Living a joyful, abundant life is easier when we are vibrating at a higher level. Laughter raises our vibration. So does smiling and expressing love. Anger, bitterness, and resentment lower our vibration. Certain foods deplete us, while healthy foods energize us. The trick to life is living it consciously and keeping your vibration high so that you can manifest all the things you desire.

Here are 11 easy ways to raise your vibration.

1. Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself

When it comes to how we speak about ourselves, we are own worst enemies. We often look in the mirror and say things like, “I look fat today,” or “I am having a bad hair day.” Words have power; don’t let them have power over you. “I am perfect and beautiful,” or “I am strong and confident.” These are the types of phrases that raise you up.

2. Forgive Everyone

Whether it’s for your own mistakes or someone who has wronged you – be it a boss, a friend, a family member, or the guy who stole your parking space or messed up your latte – holding onto bitterness and anger is the most self depleting thing you can do. The only person that truly loses is you. It keeps you stuck in lower energy and unable to experience the joy that is your birthright.

3. Hug Everyone

Humans crave skin to skin contact. I’m a hugger. The minute I feel a strong connection with someone, I hug them. It makes you and the other person feel the vibe between you.

4. Love Everyone

If each and every person on this planet could only understand that there is no separation between us, we would see everyone as our equal. To hate another person is to harm yourself. We are all connected in spiritual philosophy, and so, therefore, when you harm one, you harm all, be it with words or weapons.

5. Meditation and Yoga

Studies have shown that meditation is not only beneficial to our mindset but also our bodies. It lowers stress levels and helps aid with anxiety and depression. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in a dark room on a pillow shouting, “OM.” It can be writing in your journal, reading a self-help book, or taking a walk in nature. It’s anything that grounds you and reminds you of your connection with the Universe. Similar to meditation, yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Too afraid to join a class? There are a number of yoga and meditation apps and yoga videos on Youtube you can follow from the privacy of your own home.

6. LOL

Laughter truly is the best medicine. So laugh out loud. It raises us up to the highest level of joy. The longer you stay there, the more lasting the benefits. Take in a comedy show, watch a silly movie or Saturday Night Live. Anything to remind you not to take life so seriously.

7. Tune In

Music has the same effect as laughter when it has lyrics meant to uplift and inspire. I love the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman for this. Put the song “This Is Me, From Now On” or “A Million Dreams” on repeat, go for a walk, and feel how it raises your vibe.

8. Ask for Help

Each and every one of us are co-creators. We are a collective consciousness who together are forming the world we see around us alongside the Universe and Cosmos. Whether you call this God, Source, Universe, or something else does not matter, only that you understand you are never apart from this energy. When you know and accept this, then you know, at any time of struggle and strife, you can ask for help simply by reminding yourself of this connection.

I am I never alone. I am connected to the energy of love, and right now I need guidance. Help me.

I ask for help all day every day, especially on the hardest days. I receive it in the form of inspired thoughts or signs and messages. You are always receiving these, if you could just start to recognize them.

9. Cut the Crap

You can’t stay in high vibration simply by thinking positive or stating affirmations daily. We have to fuel our bodies properly, period. This is a major point made in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. Processed foods, chemicals, alcohol, cigarettes, etc…they all cause our bodies to not function properly which in turn makes it hard to have the optimal brain function needed for mindfulness.

10. Change Your Social Media Newsfeed, Now

Negativity and the news drop our energetic vibration to extremely low levels. Facebook and Twitter are filled with gossip, sadness, and tragedy because that’s what gets the most click-throughs. Make a choice to remove news and gossip sites from your news feed. Like pages that inspire you. Remove acquaintances who frustrate you with their toxic posts. I have a facebook group for The All of Everything where you can come and ask me questions and/or share your own signs/messages and uplifting messages. Come join us here.

11. Lose the Fear

Every thought you think is either coming from a place of love or fear. Every time you think a thought which underserves your true nature, which is love, you activate the switch that keeps those lights on. Love is expressing joy, gratitude, and kindness and celebrating your life. It is the only true thing in our world.

PS – For more on how to raise your vibration, be sure and check out my first two books, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. and The All of the All. It’s a step towards ultimate self-realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it here.

Laura Saltman is an author, speaker, intuitive guidance coach, meditation teacher and TV/Digital Host who began her career in television. She is an Emmy-nominated producer and correspondent who has worked for TV shows like Access Hollywood, E! News, Today and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. She can currently be seen in segments on Lifetime TV for Designing Spaces and The Balancing Act. Her own channel on the Well World TV network recently launched. After her life was turned upside down when she lost her older brother to cancer, her father to suicide, suffered multiple miscarriages and a disrupted adoption followed by a shocking divorce, Laura turned to a spiritual life coach who helped turn her life around and manage her grief, anxiety and depression. Since then she has trained with spiritual life coaches, reiki masters, clairvoyants, mediums and meditation gurus all over the country.