Heal the Soul with 9 Tips for Self-Care

Nowadays, when people hear the word self-care, they think massages and pampering, wine on a Wednesday or a walk in the park. Those are all well and good but don’t address the underlying notions of why you should spend time alone. The goal of self-care isn’t to have some “you time,” it’s to help heal the parts of you that feel broken or worn down.

As humans, we all get caught up in what I call our “doingness.” We are constantly in a state of motion and having to fill every gap of time and space. I used to be that person, too. The one who had to watch tv, scroll on social media, hit the movies, or take a power walk somewhere listening to music. I would waste hours online and make countless attempts to fill a void, a longing, or a need for attention.


10 Ways the Universe Sends You Messages

Okay, let’s be honest here. How many times have you stopped to ponder for just one second if the Universe was actually trying to send you a message? You get goosebumps. You hear a song on the radio that instantly reminds you of someone you love or who has passed away. Or perhaps, you pause for a second and wonder if that “coincidence” which just happened was actually not a random occurrence at all.


Turning Stress into Strength

Every time I move it’s proven challenging. As a metaphysical teacher, I have learned enough now to know that life is not going to be perfect. Mistakes happen, life happens. Stress is part of the journey to becoming an enlightened human. As a soul, you already know how to manage stress. As a human, we are often confused, frustrated, and triggered by emotional attacks on the psyche. Those can come in many ways. Whether it’s your movers dropping your furniture, the handyman not showing up, or the rude neighbor, stranger, or even friend who sends you off in a tizzy. All those things and more happened to me just this week alone!


How to Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

Transforming your life is an inside job. Period. No exception.

You Make The Way

You are the key holder no matter who or what gave you that key. A therapist, a book, a newspaper article. It or they may be placed in your path, but it’s your work to do, your journey to take. This is something that most people have yet to understand, but it is the work of a human being. The soul’s job is to guide you into thoughts that create joy, but our ego comes along to trip us up at every turn.