Enjoy Life

Enjoy life: Take it to the next level with one of our extended coaching programs or become a Humanity Upgrade transformation coach.

Healthy Longevity

Consult with your coach for the next phase. Results vary depending on your starting point, goals & efforts.

Stabilization Phase

Day 31: Start your 14-day Stabilization Phase. Introduce healthy fats back into to your diet and stabilize your metabolism.

Reduce Phase

Day 7: Start your 25-day Reduce Phase, keeping your body in fat burning mode.

Loading Day

Day 6: Start your one-day loading phase. The transition will give you an explosion of energy.

Digital Detox

Start phase one, your 5-day digital detox. Promote cellular rejuvenation & DNA vitalization.

Review eBooks

Start reading your eBook and following the Recreation Handbook; learn the foundations to ensure success.

Hair Analysis

Submit Hair Analysis Sample. Receive wellness report & Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition.

Assessment Period

Initial consultation with one of our coaches. Discuss goals, Q&As & customization.