14-Day Stabilization Phase

The Stabilization Phase is the most important part of your weight-loss journey. You will use what you have learned and apply it to the real world. The Reduce Phase created your ideal weight set-point. Days 31-44 you will lock it in by beginning your “new normal” eating. Do not deviate more than two pounds above your set-point. If you do, we have the tools to get you back on track. There is significantly more you can eat during this phase and still maintain your set-point, enhanced metabolism, and hormonal balance.

Healthy Fats

You may eat and cook with healthy fats and oils.

Fruits & Vegetables

Only eat the specified fruits & vegetables.

Weigh Yourself

Continue to weigh yourself daily. Stay connected, text your daily weight.

Stay Focused

Lock in your set-point for permanent results.
macro diet


The 30-days you have invested in the 5-day digital detox, 25-day Reduce Phase and ten daily recreations will pay off big in the Stabilization Phase. You now have control over your thoughts, feelings and actions in all aspects of your life. You will feel energetic yet calm. In this phase, you will lock in your success permanently.

  • Stabilize your metabolism.
  • Achieve hormonal balance.
  • Transform your health permanently.
  • Maintain your ideal set-point.
  • Embrace new ways of thinking.
  • Create your feelings and actions.