Day Six

Day six is your transition into the next phase: the “Reduce Phase.” Eat the exact amount of protein and carbohydrates outlined in your personalized food plan. It is important that you transition to the prescribed eating regimen. On day six only, you will add the recommended amount of healthy fats; these include avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds. Calories are not your focus. Healthy fats optimize your body for fat-burning and stem cell regeneration.

Nutrition Plan

Follow your personalized eating schedule precisely.

Limit Your Excersise

Allow your body to adjust to your diet before increasing your exercise.

Drink Water

Monitor your water intake consuming half your body weight in ounces.

Medication & Supplements

Continue to take any medications & your custom cellular nutrition.
optimize your body


Loading day will keep your energy levels high and prevent overeating, while stimulating stem cell regeneration. It will also set the stage for the remainder of the reduce phase.

  • Optimize your body.
  • Fat-burning increases.
  • Adjust to healthy eating.
  • Stimulate weight loss.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI.
  • Reset your metabolism.