Days 7-30

The Reduce Phase continues and is the foundational eating program that you will build your permanent healthy lifestyle upon. This transition will be a snap with the explosion of energy you will enjoy following your five-day detox. The Reduce Phase incorporates a specific food plan that keeps your body in fat-burning mode for the next 24 days.

Work the Plan

Follow the plan. It is crafted to bring you permanent results.


The program is designed to meet your specific needs.

Nutrition Plan

The menus are precise and easy to follow.


Communicate with your coach daily. You are not alone in this program.


The Reduce Phase is designed for permanent weight loss. Modern diets are filled with excess sugar, preservatives and saturated fats. Your body has learned to crave these unhealthy substances. This program will help you break those addictions mentally, emotionally and physically, transforming your relationship with food.

  • Easy to follow, detailed guide.
  • Feel energized from day one.
  • Control your thoughts about food.
  • Get the daily support you need
  • Empower you to determine your health.
  • This program works short and long-term.