The Ultimate Secret

It is the greatest insight of our generation. An awareness so powerful it will transform how we look at and process our world.

Expansion Mindset

This is the greatest moment of change in human history, requiring a new, higher level of thinking – Expansion Mindset.

The Age of Transformation

As we accelerate through the 21st Century, a new age is upon us. Progress is so rapid we must embrace this new reality.

The Laws of Success

The predictable path to life-long success always goes through the governing law of life along with the 14 operating laws.

The Creative Process

The great story of life is about taking a compelling idea and turning it into a reality. This will be achieved by understanding The Creative Process.


The Recreation Handbook is the the ultimate guide to mindfulness. Life is a series of moments strung together. Maximize the joy in every one.

Tracking App

Access to fitness app to track exercise, nutrition progress & unlimited in-app messaging.

Support & Guidance

Picture analysis of your progress. Competition signup assistance. Day-before-competition meal plan.


Individualized posing techniques, identifying & perfecting the techniques, and corrective exercise strategies.

Natural Supplements

Humanity Upgrade Custom Cellular Nutrition, Digi Pills and recommended natural supplementation stack.

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