Several people who recently watched Crazy Rich Asians asked me if it’s true that women in Asia are all that skinny.

Honestly, when you are walking on the streets in large cities like Shanghai and Beijing or in the countryside, you just don’t see overweight people that easily, and here are a few facts to make it more intriguing:

  • They eat rich meals all the time: 3-5 dishes for a meal.
  • They eat carbs every day: moderately speaking, 150-200g of carbs for women (with the majority being the refined carbs).
  • They never count calories or macros: most don’t even know what they are.
  • Only 2% of the population go to the gym frequently: with almost half doing yoga or learning belly dancing.

The Asians have done EVERYTHING that dietitians would warn you against. Yet they are SKINNY, beautiful, with tons of vitality and glowing skin!

Once in a while, you do encounter some girls complaining they are too heavy. Then you ask them, “How much weight do you want to lose?” – just to learn that they are over-fussing about it. “1-2 kg,” they often say, and that’s 2-5 pounds, by the way. Then, if they are truly serious, they may slightly watch their food for a while (no dieting), and the weight smoothly comes off while they are chilling over hot pot and sushi in the night food market.

Thinking about the past decade when you worked so hard on this one goal of getting back in shape but still failed, have you got the slightest suspicion that maybe you’ve way overdone it?

Maybe it could have been much simpler?

And maybe your failure isn’t because of you but the wrong paths that you took?

“Oh, that must be the Asian gene,” you think.

Well, I’ve helped women of all races experiencing these same magical results now.

And if you ask Dr. Joe Dispenza – a brain scientist and the author of multiple NY Times best sellers, he will tell you our genetics have more than 3,500 variations – the happy and the sad, the skinny and the fat, and the healthy and the sick. And which ones you trigger depends on how you live. So basically, the genes are like the LEDs on the Christmas tree, which ones are on and when they are on totally depends on you.

It means that if you’ve been trying hard to lose the weight but still end up being overweight and stressed, whatever method you’ve used to lose the weight must have triggered the fat and stress genes.

That’s how you’ve ended up with where you are. And if you keep doing it the same way – whether it is Keto, WeightWatchers, counting macros, counting calories, or fasting, etc., you are triggering the same fat genes and getting onto the AUTOPILOT for more fat, stress, and health problems which self-multiply easily and abundantly.

That’s why you find weight-loss so difficult and daunting even though it’s supposed to be natural, like breathing.

That’s why all you’ve been through is the vicious cycle.

The truth is: most of the companies and the gurus here in the West don’t know how to really solve the problem because they grew up and developed their thinking in the same environment with you. They’ve SPECULATED different possibilities and theories, yet none of these possibilities can compare with the TRUTHS in East Asia that have lasted for many, many generations.

So you’ve been putting forth some serious efforts on these band-aids. Years of efforts. And the price you’ve paid is massive, for instance:

  • When was the last time you felt beautiful about yourself? And what’s the cost of not feeling beautiful for a woman?
  • How many years have you been imprisoned in your own judgments – feeling totally powerless?
  • How many times a day do you think about your body?
  • How many times have you compromised just for any type of affection you could get?
  • How many times have you worked hard for an opportunity just to get picked over for that pretty girl in the next cubicle?
  • How many times have you sobbed over those dreams that were long gone thinking, “I’m not good enough?”
  • How many nights have you been hiding in your apartment binge-watching TV feeling totally demotivated?
  • How many times have you been the only one silent in the meeting feeling like nothing but an accessory?
  • And how much are you worried that you’ll only become heavier and heavier if you don’t learn the ultimate wisdom to get it under control naturally?

The more your genetics and your body are used to these feelings, the more they work together to mold your future into the same reality.

This is the exact place you are standing now. Keep doing the same thing? Then the victimhood stays….

But did you know you can lose the weight in a much more smooth, pleasurable way once and for all?

Did you know you could see the decade-long struggles GONE within just weeks and months while doing NO diets and NO exercising?

And did you know you could just smash that old reflection in the mirror and embrace a whole new identity without compromising life?

Yuan, a recent student of mine, lost more weight in six weeks than she did in six years.

Grace, another recent student of mine, went onto a one-week cruise trip and is still dropping weight (she literally couldn’t stop it).

The best part? Their weight is no longer controlling them and they took their lives back! And they’ve experienced exactly what the happy ladies in East Asia are experiencing – the more you neglect the inches, the sooner they disappear.

Want to know who you’ll be at this time next year? Who you’ll be this Christmas? And who you’ll be at this time in 10 years?

Come talk to me, and I’ll show you a massively different future. (www.riselean.com/apply)

Founder of Rice Lean, Body & Health Coach for Busy Women. In 2017, I helped 513 women across the United States and United Kingdom to lose weight based on principles of integrity, simplicity, and sustainability. It was incredibly inspiring to see how the simple wisdom from my hometown in Asia ended up completely changing people's bodies. The truth is: when REAL weight loss happens, it happens FAST.