If you are a busy professional struggling to balance work and family, and you want to have energy at the end of the day…I can relate. When you work forty plus hours a week, not much time or energy remains for other enriching activities. The most accessible options for relaxation are sitting on the couch and watching TV or getting to bed early to make up for those missed hours. This all too common pattern results in a decline in your quality of life.

You might find it surprising to learn that the solution is simple. The fast-paced lifestyle often goes hand in hand with fast food eating habits. Sound familiar? Not providing our bodies with the nutrition it needs opens the door to various disorders and chronic diseases. Low energy is a warning sign that needs to be taken seriously.

If your low energy isn’t a result of a sluggish thyroid, depression, or an autoimmune disease, then you can easily double your energy by making small changes in your daily routine.

The Most Important Change Your Body Wants

Begin eating whole foods to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs. Once you start getting nutrition, the junk food will phase out on its own.

The Most Important Change Your Body Needs

Reducing sugar from your diet is the single most important step. Sugar is addictive. The average American consumes close to twenty teaspoons of sugar a day. It is unfortunately found in almost every processed food and beverage (like the soda), flavored yogurt, and even protein bars. It does give you a burst of energy that leaves you craving more. Yet, it can also cause weight gain, skin problems, and heart disease, to name a few. A clinical study has been conducted and it proves the correlation between sugar and a feeling of tiredness.

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Sherry Khachatryan is Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse and founder of LUV-HEALTH coaching. Specializing in health and wellness, her target is busy professionals, those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but are overwhelmed by bulk information and videos, all trying to offer some guidance.