Dr. Maya Sarkisyan provides secrets to losing weight and live a healthy life.

Your Body is a miraculous system of chemical reactions that are going on twenty-four/seven. If you don’t believe me, look into Gray’s Anatomy book or Physiology 101. It is mind-blowing.

Your body will continue to keep you alive until it cannot anymore. It will give you all sorts of warnings, blow whistles (for real), knock you down (you know what I mean), and refuse to stay up for another minute (remember that time?).

Taking Care of Ourselves and Secrets to Losing Weight

Instinctively, we know how to take care of ourselves, but the majority of what’s really going on in self-care is dictated by our upbringing and social habits.  For example:

  • You know that cleaning your plate full of food is not good for you if you’re already full, but your mother’s/grandmother’s/father’s/etc. voice in your head says: “You got to clean your plate. There are children in Africa dying from hunger.” By the way, it doesn’t make any sense, it would make sense if you would send your plate to Africa to feed these children. But somehow, you feel guilty of being un-deservingly lucky. And you shove that food down your own throat.
  • You are at the bar at 11 pm and know that drinking the third martini is not going to help you get up in the morning and work out. But it is expected of you by your friends/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbors/etc. So you order that third glass.
You know it’s not good for you, but you do it anyway.

All these beliefs and habits don’t really belong to you; you inherited them from somebody else and, in some cases, invented them all by yourself to reach some important goal. All of them create a heavy weight holding you down. It manifests in the physical overweight body, mental fogginess, low energy, anxiety, and a million other yucky symptoms you would rather not have. Take your pick.

We are here to help you change that and condition your mind and body for the best performance possible. You don’t have any more time to waste. The world is full of opportunities and wonders, and you can get them by having your health in the most optimal condition.

Successful weight loss and health maintenance consist of:
  • Dietary support of the body’s detoxification processes, hormone balancing, and weight stabilizing
  • Elimination of toxins through detoxification pathways
  • Lifestyle practices that support a healthy body and a success-oriented peaceful mind

In the future, I will share with you more about each component of the above because each component is its own world and has to be taken care of.

But the most important message here is that all these components have to be put together in a coordinated system and phase. I believe in science and natural medicine. They are not mutually exclusive – quite the opposite.

Science is your guide to knowing what can be corrected naturally.

Some of the components include dietary changes based on science and common sense. If you are a proponent of a personal approach then meal plans can be based on the results of your blood tests. We can identify your food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies to create the most optimal plan for your individual situation. It can be customized.

Your nutrition can be customized even further to match the DNA genetic requirements of your body. You can have a complete lifestyle plan for many components of your life to match your genomics profile.  It is your truly Custom Lifestyle Plan to stick to.

Highlights of the Approach:
  • Establishing a healthy diet supporting your lifestyle and your life goals
  • Creating an easy to maintain system for self-care – physically and emotionally
  • Lifestyle strategies to establish and use through different stages of your life
  • Find and use Mind conditioning tools for your overall success
  • Get educated on nutrition, successful mindset, and healthy habits

And the most important of all, get invested in your health and happiness. And then you can create health and happiness for others who are near and dear to you.

If this information piqued your curiosity, let me know by emailing me at maya@doctormayaclinic.com and ask for more interesting and relevant information.

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan is an expert in creating comprehensive approach correcting physical and psychological health conditions and incorporating components of emotional healing. She specializing in the most effective mind and body healing modalities such as acupuncture, NLP, NET, functional medicine, nutritional and cellular detoxification, cosmetic non-invasive procedures, food sensitivities testing, nutritional planning, and many others.