To age better, your body needs better nutrition, more often. How can you do that easily and deliciously? Read on for my top nutrition tips for those 55+.

“Better nutrition gives your body the resources it needs to run better while avoiding what can irritate, overwhelm and disrupt those efforts.” – Ashley Koff RD

1. Give it what it needs, without stuff it doesn’t.

Choose organic fruits and vegetables to give your body phenolic compounds (that’s fancy for nutrients from plants that may be helpful in the prevention of certain diseases) as opposed to artificial colors which offer no nutritional benefit. Aim for a rainbow of colors daily, grabbing ready-to-eat options when available, frozen organic (just as fresh and often less pricey), and always a quality Multivitamin to help you fill those nutrient gaps – like MegaFood® Men Over 55 and Women Over 55 One Daily. To see if your total nutrition intake – whether food, drinks and/or supplements – gives your body a better nutrition rainbow more often, take the better nutrition rainbow quiz and save 30% by using PLANT30 code at checkout.

2. Make it easy to do better.

Why add several pills to your day when you can give your body a foundation of better nutrition with just one each day? You have asked a lot of your body over the years, now is the time to make it easier for it to get what it needs and for you to remember to get it in more often. MegaFood® Men Over 55 and Women Over 55 One Daily is just that – one tablet in age and gender-specific options – to help support your nutritional needs all day*.

3. Take care of your brain, and your heart too.

We know the power of the mind-body connection for both physical and mental health. Fortunately, the same nutrients take care of both, too. Now, that’s better! Because even a small deficit of B12 can impact your cognitive function, it is important to make sure you are getting enough each day. But B12 also works with folate and B6 to promote heart health by reducing the risk of homocysteine formation. Have your doctor check your levels of these key nutrients, get in your broccoli and leafy greens, try nutritional yeast (it’s delicious on popcorn!), and choose a Multi that delivers a better balance of all three – like MegaFood® Men Over 55 and Women Over 55 One Daily – with methylated B12*.

4. Minerals matter… a lot.

Whether focused on hormone health, blood sugar levels, immune health or your aging hair and skin, your body needs minerals to run these efforts better, too. A lot of Multis miss the magic of minerals and our aging soil isn’t delivering as much of them into the foods we eat more often. That’s not better. But some minerals – like calcium and iron – also require attention to make sure we aren’t getting too much. MegaFood® Men Over 55 and Women Over 55 One Daily deliver the key minerals that most aging bodies need, and leaves out these that should be personalized based on your health and your other nutrition choices*. Want to know if you need supplemental calcium or iron? Take these quizzes and save 30% by using code HEART30 at checkout.

5. Choose better labels. What’s better – organic, non-GMO, glyphosate residue free, vegetarian…?

These days, it can be hard to know what’s a better label to choose. When it comes to your supplements – nutrition you are choosing to add supplementally every day – the answer is, they all matter. You want to give your body what it needs to run better without ingredients that can irritate, overwhelm and disrupt those efforts. The good news? All MegaFood supplements are certified by The Detox Project as Glyphosate Residue Free. Today, they are the only supplement to have their complete line certified. So that’s your better choice.

Want to enjoy some delicious better nutrition? Try these recipes that will also help you meet your daily nutrition needs, better!

Ashley Koff, RD is your better health enabler. When her own frustrations with not getting better health results despite “doing everything she was told perfectly,” Koff went on a mission to find something better. She discovered better nutrition, and its power to help her get and keep her better health. Impressed and inspired, Koff set out to enable others to enjoy their better health powered by better nutrition. She identified the missing link – the reason that she and others, despite trying, aren’t getting better results – the current nutrition tools are not better. Over two decades as a dietitian and an educator for healthcare providers, Koff developed and refined better nutrition tools to help patients and their practitioners get results.