Working with the Laws

The Law of Attraction has become a cultural phenomenon. It spawned one of the bestselling books in history and was featured on Oprah dozens of times. Unfortunately, few people attained the success that it promised. This is easy to understand because the Law of Attraction is a small piece of the total truth. There are seven physical operating laws, of which the Law of Attraction is just one. There are also seven intellectual operating laws that are just as important. Additionally, there is a governing law of life that directs these laws to any result you desire in this lifetime. You deserve to know the entire story.

Physical Operating Laws

Your achievements depend on applying all of seven in your daily life.

The Governing Law of Life

The governing law directs the other 14 laws for ultimate success.

Intellectual Operating Laws

These laws offer a detailed look at how your amazing brain works.

Predictable Success

Applying all the laws is the only way to create the life you deserve.


The understanding and proper application of the 14 operating laws directed by the governing law is the only predictable path to permanent success. The Law of Attraction is a small piece of the entire puzzle. It is very important, but without knowledge of all the laws, most people attract what they don’t want!

  • Create certainty in your life.
  • Attract what you desire.
  • Master the creative process.
  • Synergize your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Control your circumstances.
  • Live the life you deserve.