How to Let Go of the Scale Without Letting Yourself Go

Scale Obsession

According to Harvard Health, for most dieters, preventing the pounds from coming back after working so hard to lose them, is the biggest challenge. On average, people regain two-thirds of the weight that they’ve lost within two years. One way people try to prevent gaining (or regaining) weight is through daily weigh-ins. On one hand, this idea makes logical sense. When the number on the scale starts to increase, you know it’s time to tighten up the diet and/or hit the gym more.


Changing Your Exercise Routine

The third part of my journey left off when I was somewhere around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. I was managing the Flamingo Athletic Club and living it up in South Beach with my Muay Thai crew. Behind closed doors, I was struggling with disordered eating cycles, depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and insomnia.

When I put my situation out there like that you’d think I was miserable. But again, when I think back to those days, a huge smile takes over my face. In the midst of inner turmoil, I just had so much fun. As they say, I am happy I went all out and “got it out of my system” at an “appropriate” age. This could not be said for everyone.


Why I Chose “Sexy Fit Vegan”

I created my brand, Sexy Fit Vegan®, in 2013, when the truth about animal agriculture (both the ethical and health aspects) started being covered in the mainstream media. The information I had been sharing with people for years, was finally being exposed in ways that could not be ignored. But I’ve been getting some push-back on the name of my brand recently. With comments on my Facebook posts like, “Why sexy?” and “You’re a fraud, just trying to use sex to make money!” So, I’d like to take a moment to address this criticism. 


Vegan Fitness – Why You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

I was recently asked to give a talk about vegan fitness. I had to think about what valuable information and insights I bring to an audience…I mean, who doesn’t already know that it’s important to make consistent exercise a part of your lifestyle?

Exercise has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old, starting on the swim team, gymnastic team, dance classes, and later, after my growth spurt, volleyball in high school.


How You Can Love Your Body AND Change It Simultaneously

Today’s episode focuses on a topic that our listeners have been requesting… body image (a “fun” one I know)!

The VAST majority of people are walking around uncomfortable in their own skin.

Most people that we encounter every single day have a negative view of their bodies, so if that’s you, you’re FAR from alone.

Stephanie and I can relate on both a personal level, and through the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with who struggle with their body image and self-esteem.


Plant-Empowered Living

The time has come to share my journey from disordered eating to plant-empowered living. You are about to read Part 1 (an introduction) to the multi-part “coming out” series I am going to be sharing with you over the next few weeks. I will be sharing parts of my journey that I’ve never shared openly before. I’m thrilled that I am in a place in life where I’m able and willing to get real and raw, which means being transparent about the struggles that have made me who I am today.