Picture Analysis

Track your progress, by sending your coach weekly confidential photos. It’s important to monitor your transformation with before and after shots. Documenting your progress is a great way to keep pushing yourself to new heights. Success encourages more success – pictures are a must on your journey to losing weight, being fit, getting toned and feeling stronger.

Starting Point

Pictures keep you honest: See your true self before, during and after.


Be serious about your goals: Pictures keep you focused.


Monitor: Keep focused on your progress and be proud.

Fitness Coach

Your coach will be there guiding you through your transformation.


Monitoring your progress with pictures will give you a sense of direction so you and your coach can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your success. If you want to be healthier and fit, it’s time to make a change and get out of your comfort zone. Tracking and seeing your results is an important step to setting clear and achievable goals.

  • Lends accountability to your goals.
  • Keeps you committed to your program.
  • Easy modifications for problem areas.
  • More likely to reach & surpass your goals.
  • Coach can personalize your plan for success.
  • Make adjustments to maximize results.