Understanding what is required to prepare for local, national, and international competitions will give you a leg up during your training. Learn the ins and outs, politics as well as which show is right for you. Set realistic goals, like accepting that you will probably not be going pro in your first event. Bodybuilding competitions are not for the faint-hearted. It really helps when you know what to expect and enjoy the process!

Plan Ahead

Have a 12 month plan ready, regardless of your level.


Learn what the various events have to offer and which one is best for you.

First Show

Choose a show that is most applicable to your physique level.


Every show is an excellent learning opportunity; prepare and have fun.


Learn what it takes to be successful on stage. Knowing the requirements in advance makes all the difference. A game plan is an absolute must. It will give you confidence and prepare you for a positive and exciting experience.

  • Prepare mentally, emotionally & physically.
  • Maximize your chances for success.
  • Dedicate the time to prepare.
  • Build momentum toward your success.
  • Define realistic goals & stay focused.
  • Enjoy the journey: focus on the positive.