Receive step-by-step pre-event preparation leading up to your first competition. Identify your optimal pre-competition routines with high-quality compounds for mass building. Medium rep-range workouts with intermittent high and low intensity workouts as well. As the competition gets closer, your coach will change your workouts to sculpt muscle while sticking to a clean, strict, effective nutritional strategy.

Strength Training

You will focus on isolation exercises, which is important for sculpting.


Everyone is different, your coach will provide a plan that fits your goals.

Nutrition Plan

Diet is your ultimate tool when it comes to shedding weight and sculpting.

Body Fat

Identify and focus on your exact show time body-fat goal.


The goal of preseason preparation is to slowly build fitness levels. Design a strength and conditioning program that focuses on activating & stimulating muscles after off-season inactivity. Before diving into your program, it is imperative to focus on slowly regaining strength and flexibility. More specifically, strength training should involve exercises that progressively increase muscle strength and hypertrophy to prevent injury.

  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Enhance strength and overall fitness.
  • Mentally and physically recharge.
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness & endurance.
  • Achieve peak performance levels.
  • Prepare for success.