Nutrition Strategy

Enjoy a customized nutrition plan designed specifically for your bodybuilding goals. It consists of proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables that your body needs to burn fat, build muscle and reset your metabolism. Your personalized nutritional program also includes essential micro-nutrients. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose fat or both, there are strategies that must be followed to create the physique you desire.

Nutrition Plan

Custom clean-eating plan with the proper amount of macros.

Meal Plan

Meals are structured to maximize your short and long-term results.


Perform like an athlete with Revitalyze Custom Nutrition.

Proven Results

Follow the steps precisely & you will see the difference in just a few weeks.


One size does not fit all.  Everyone is unique with differing goals. With an individualized nutrition strategy, you will be able to reach your desired goals faster. Nutrition is a very complex science and should be customized to your health and fitness requirements. With a custom nutrition plan you will feel better, experience a higher quality of life and increase your chances of success.

  • Learn how to eat clean & healthy.
  • Improve your overall well-being.
  • Reach your fitness goals faster.
  • Daily nutritional support and guidelines.
  • Learn how to manage your meal portions.
  • Improve your relationship with food.