Personal Trainer Consult

Personalizing a successful bodybuilding program involves several layers of detail. The personal trainer must address all of these layers to ensure maximum results. A complete and thorough initial consultation is crucial. This will ensure that the trainer has all the data she/he needs to design a program that meets all your specific requirements.


Consider all factors that will contribute to the design of the program.


Check for health history, activity level & anthropometric measures.


Assess strength, measure flexibility & endurance.


Requirements needed to prep for a strengthening program.


Obtain accurate baseline fitness level measurements while broadening your knowledge of your health, weight, and fitness goals. The assessment period offers valuable information regarding your current reality. This facilitates expert guidance during your workout programs. Your trainer will help you get results by creating effective strategies. This success cycle builds self-confidence, a key attribute of a winner.

  • Identify your baseline.
  • Create your vision.
  • Precise eating plan.
  • Personalized workout plan.
  • Daily support.
  • Road map to success.